The crown of Torah on the Jersey Shore


The preschool years provide a fundamental foundation for learning and growth that the children will carry with them throughout life.

Here at Keter, we strive to create an enriching environment filled with warmth. By following a “whole child approach” every aspect of development is focused on so that every area of the children’s growth is enhanced.

Our goals:

  • We strive to reach every child individually.
  • To identify as a Ben Torah so that the children will develop an appreciation and pride for Torah and Mitzvot.
  • To love, nurture and care for each child so that he or she can soar to great heights.
  • To develop fine and gross motor skills.
  • To improve cognitive and thinking skills.
  • To develop phonemic awareness and reading readiness.
  • To facilitate language skills by fostering communication, discussion, and providing a constant listening ear.
  • To instill self-confidence and an “I can do it” attitude.
  • To encourage appropriate social interaction and establish friendships.