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Yeshivat keter torah

The Crown of Torah on the Jersey Shore

Over the past 20 years, Yeshivat Keter Torah has been zoche to build a crown of Torah on the Jersey Shore.

With an enrollment of over 300 students and growing, we are the prime destination for families who are looking for a Yeshiva with uncompromising Torah values and a solid secular education in the Deal community. 

Our curriculum is rooted in our rich heritage yet is implemented with the latest advanced methodologies.

Our Rabbanim and Teachers are professionals of the highest caliber who not only strive for excellence in teaching but are constantly building relationships with their students which last a lifetime.

Our mission is to:

Create an environment that produces a well-rounded Ben Torah that is knowledgeable, committed, and confident. Students exemplify Midot Tovot, have true Yirat Shamayim, and exhibit sincere enthusiasm for Limud HaTorah and Mitzvot.

Teach with skill-based methods creating independent and critical thinkers, enabling and empowering every individual student with the tools needed to succeed.

Utilize a curriculum rooted in our illustrious tradition but takes advantage of the latest modern teaching methods and tools.

Have a General Studies department that meets the highest standard of excellence and prepares our students for the challenges of today’s world.

Produce graduates who personify what a Ben Torah should be able to succeed in a modern world while keeping the importance and value of Torah and Mitzvot at the forefront of their minds.